Pappas Soccer League Championship 2018
April 1, 2018 - Another Pappas Soccer season has come to a close here in Houston and WOW was it exciting! 2018 was the largest amount of participation ever! We had 24 teams in total participating.

This past Monday was our final round of playoffs. For the League 2 Championship Pappasito’s Memorial City beat Little Pappasitos by 1 point to make it to the final round to play our Stafford Pappadeaux Team. Our Stafford Pappadeaux Team ultimately took home the ‘Win’ after a very intense game ending in a 5-5 tie breaker resulting in Overtime Golden Goal. There were no points scored which lead to Penalty Kicks! It was a nail biting finish with a final score of 6 -5; Congratulations to our Stafford Pappadeaux Team on the Houston League 2 Championship!

League 1 had a very exciting finish as well! Pappadeaux Beaumont had a strong squad who traveled each week to take on fighting opponents. In the 3rd round they beat Pappas Burger Hobby Airport, 5 - 2 ultimately taking them to the Championship to face Pappasito’s Sugarland. They battled it out, but in the end Pappadeaux Beaumont won with a final score of 5 – 2!
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